Are you an essential business in need of medical professionals to provide screenings or temperature readings for your employees during current COVID-19 outbreak?

  • All protocols and screenings are managed by a Public Health Specialist and a Clinical Management team of nurses
  • This is what we do every day, around the clock. Keeping people safe in their communities is our expertise!
  • Our team is comprised of experienced healthcare professionals whether the needs are full-time, part-time, or contracts.
  • We cover a wide variety of professionals including nurses, CNA’s, med-techs, HHA’s and more!
  • We offer several levels of screening protocol services to meet your unique needs. Customized screening plans are available!
  • All staff that we provide are healthcare employees of Lincoln Healthcare, not temps or contractors.
  • All of our staff is also HIPAA trained. We understand the importance of your employee’s confidential health information
  • Lincoln Healthcare provides all of the PPE supplies that are needed, including additional masks that may be needed for your employees to return to work.